WellSky Training Center FAQ Contents

Training Center System Requirements

Your organization must allow the following items.

  • A current web browser (all mainstream browsers are supported)
  • A minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 720
  • Enable browser cookies
  • IT must allow the following URLs: https://training.wellsky.com & https://www.vimeo.com
  • Speakers or headphones
  • If applicable, disconnect from the VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Log-in Issues with a Saved Username and Password

For learners who saved their username and password, an error may occur when revisiting the site when account credentials are loaded in the Username and Password fields. Refresh your browser to reset the site’s cache and then click Log in.

How Do I Access My Training Dashboard?

To access your course dashboard, in the menu, click Dashboard.

What if My Training Dashboard is Empty?

Generally, a user account is created with access to one or more training courses/paths related to your software solution. If there is no training visible in your Dashboard, this could mean several things.

  • The related training paths were not linked to your account.
  • Your organization is no longer paying for access to the training.
  • You have completed all current training associated with your WellSky Solution, at which point you can view courses in the Past from the filter drop-down.

Click here to contact Learning Services and complete the online form. Please allow up to two business days for a response.

Request Additional Staff Access

Click here to request to have additional staff members added to the WellSky Training Center.

Some WellSky Training Center courses include modules or activities that need to be displayed in a browser pop-up window. Many browsers do not allow for this automatically. Check with the browser’s developer to learn how to allow pop-up windows, or check with your organization’s IT department.

Adjust Screen Layout

Here are some helpful hints to adjust the screen layout and print size.

  • Use a laptop or desktop computer, and not a mobile device or tablet.
  • On your Dashboard, hide the calendar by clicking Hide blocks.
  • On your Dashboard, consider switching to List View instead of the default Card view.
  • Use your browser’s zoom function to increase the information on the screen by pressing CTRL and + at the same time.
  • Inside a course, click Hide blocks to display more of the screen, and then press CRTL and + at the same time to enlarge the text.

Cannot Access a Video or Experiencing Playback Issues

Many of the training videos in the WellSky Training Center are streamed from Vimeo. If these videos can not be seen or if you are experiencing issues with playback, have your organization’s IT department approve the Vimeo URL (https://www.vimeo.com). 

Global Search

The WellSky Training Center includes a Global Search function located in the top bar of the page. To start a search, click the magnifying glass icon, type your search term, and then press Enter.

Accessing the Global Search field.

All search criteria are case-sensitive. For example, searching for “Managing Information” shows results while “managing information” does not.