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New home for CareTend Training

CareTend online training is part of WellSky Training Services

Introducing Improved Training Paths and Content

Use the WellSky Training Center as your onboarding tool to train new employees and keep current employees up-to-date.

With a combination of videos, written material, and interactive activities, learning CareTend has never been easier. CareTend training now includes a well-defined learning experience for each line of business along with a “choose your training path” to quickly access the training you need to based on your job responsibilities.

Review the workflow, learn about best practices, and understand how to make CareTend work for you. Assess your knowledge by taking the lesson assessments, and collect certificates for passing the required assessments.

If you are interested in accessing the CareTend course material detailed above, please reach out to your sales representative for pricing details.

The chart below outlines the advantages of using the Support Hub and the Training Center.